Q. I misplaced my keys. Can I buy a spare key alone?
A. Yes you can.
Only if the key type can be identified, and we have in stock, you can buy a pair of spear keys.
Reffer to below pictures take six photos and e-mail to us; which are "Suitcase model number", "Three of key identification numbers or letters", "Suitcase's total image", "Zoom of lock cylinder", total six angles of photoes attach to e-mail and send to us.

* Your name, address (with zip code), phone number are required in the e-mail for non-disruptive arrangement.

Things to prepare

1.Suitcase model number (If unknown, photo only is fine.)
2.Engraved identify number-1 (beginning with TSA total six letters)
3.Engraved identify number-2 (number with three figures)
4.Engraved identify number-2 (three alphabets like PKE or YiF) *no need if in the absence
5.Photo pf suitcase's total image
6.Zoom photoes of above mentioned in 2 and 3.

After confirmed above, we'll contact you about shipping and fees.

Make sure to be in focus as well as above left side picture, identify numbers should be shown clearly.

Above right side picture is not acceptable because it's too ark and unclear to identify the model number.
Q. Dial lock cannot be unlocked. What should I do?
A.First of all, try any of number combinations which call to mind.
At that time, if the dial jolt out of alignment even a littile bit, the lock cannot be unlocked, make sure to set dials exactly.

In case you failed above, there are two solutions as below.

1. Try the numbers from 000 to 999 through.
2. Send it to us as repairing, we unl ocked it and send back to you.

For dial type lock, there is no way to unlock unless using TSA master keys by US TSA officers.
Although we can help you to unlock, it takes long time since you sending out to receiving, we strongly recomend to set the number combination carefully.

You also can ask your nearest locksmith, however we cannot defray the cost, Please be understanding of this beforehand.

Furthermore, we never indemnify any loss caused by the dial lock couldn't unlock, please be understanding of this beforehand.
Q. Damages had been found at baggage claim, what should I do?
A. Please ask your airline for damage report, and performs insurance claim procedure to your subscribed insurance company.
Q. I'm going abroad for the first time, worrying about check-in baggage, can I carry the suitcase on the cabin?
A. It depends on your suitcase's size, please confrim before departure. For Japanese domestic line, the case total demensions are less than 100cm can be carried on.
For International line, the case total demensions are less than 115cm can be carried on.
On the other hand, the demensions limit differs from each airlines, ask your booked airline for detailes.
Q. I can't close or lock the suitcase.
A. If the lock was broken, we can replace it.

Other parts or cracks on the body can be fixed.
For detail, please contact us by e-mail or phone.
Q. I found something like stain or pore, what are these?
A. Some of our suitcase used natural leather, which has characteristic texture or pattern.

Typical aspect of ox leather is have a fine texture.
Compare with ox leather, swine leather looks like having patterns on it though, these are cause of natural pore, not defects.

There are some natural spots or birthmarks too, they are sometimes mistook for dirts.
If you found any "Oho? ", please feel free to consult nearest retailer or us.
Q. Does leather products difficult to maintain?
A. There is attached how to maintain/store leather products inside the products, please refer it before use.

・For leather surface dirt, remove dirt build-up by wiping down with a dry soft cloth carefully, then polish with a clean dry cloth.
Store in well-ventilated place of low temperature and dry room. For long-term storage, ventilate and dry wipe appropriately-timed to prevent from getting moldy.

・For greasy dirt or heavy dirt, wipe down gently with a cleaner made specifically for the leather, then polish with a clean dry cloth. Some might lose color, test in an inconspicuous place first.

・Natural leather due to its material nature qualitative attribute, getting wet in the rain or friction against the fabrics may cause discoloration. It also might absorb moisture, products' shapes could become deformed, avoide use the product under wet conditions.

・Avoide following conditons, otherwise it may cause discoloration in high risk; using alcohols solvent such as benzine or thinner, washing with cleanser or in water.

TYPE of Suitcase

Hardside Luggage

Hardside luggage is generaly categolized into three kinds according to shell materials; 100% Polycarbonate(PC), PC and ABS resin admixture, and 100% ABS resin, especialy 100% PC has become a mainstream these years.

PC has feature of softer and more flexible than ABS resin. ABS resin is harder and not easy to distort so that it is considered tough and strong though, actually compare to polycarbonate, ABS resin is easier to be broken.

Besides, hardside luggage has two frame types;aluminum frame and zipper frame. For lockes, TSA lock has been the mainstream.


Softside luggage

Softside luggage is made by chemical fiber fabric such as polyester, doesn't have hard body shells.

Because of no hard body shell, no worries about breaking body, and its light weight is also a big feature.

Although this is not so common in Japan, it's very populer in overseas.



Trunk is shaped as same as traditional-looking leather trunk characterfully, and our made trunk used hard material for body and covered its surface by natural leather or artificial leather.

Purhaps because of the shapes influence, many of the designing have unique characteristics.

Trunk is relatively popular among females or fashionable person.


Types of Suitcase

HINOMOTO brand caster

HINOMOTO brand caster is high quality casters made by Japanese domestic company HINOMOTO JOMAE Ltd.

Japanese luggage maker consider,using HINOMOTO brand casters became a status symbol in Japan.


Stopper functional Caster

Stopper functional Caster is special designed for preventing unexpected accident on a slop which such as suitcase running away or falling down.

There are some types of stopper fanctional daster such as knob lock type, button lock type and carrying handle interlock type, suitcase equipped with stopper functional caster became one of the status symbol.


Replaceable Caster

Replaceable caster is the one user can replace its wheels easily by oneself.

Refills of this replaceable caster are available in suitcase retailer shop.


Types of Frame

Frame Type

Metal or other harder material were used for the frame, so the constructions are stronger than zipper type.

However there is one disadvantage, the weight of the frame is heavier than the zipper type suitcaces.

If you want a tough suitcase anyway, we recommend to choose a polycarbonate body shell suitcase with frame type.


Zipper Type

Zipper type suitcase has features of liter weight than the frame type one, the strength is weaker though.

In comparison to frame type, zipper type one can be put in and out something inside with only opening small part of the zipper, which is a big melit.


TSA Lock

TSA Lock

TSA Lock is a lock which is accepted by TSA(The Transportation Security Administration of US).
To or from a US territory, it is required to be checked the baggage being unlocked, because TSA agents may be open the baggage to inspect. Because the TSA agent may break a lock, depending on the inspection situation including the emergency.
TSA agent have certain master keys to unlock the TSA locks, so that locked by TSA lock can be reduce the risk of lock breakage.