What's OEM?

Production Process

We take orders for OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)productions.
We have made use of the technological abilities and management qualities through the productions of our own products to support planning to production of your original products.
The general flow is shown below.
* This is Japanese domestic business model flow. For overseas, please contact us freely.

First of all, please tell us your popularities.
Planning, proposal
According to your popularities, we'll show our proposal to you such as quantity, delivery time, price and so on.
Sample production
After your approval for the price quotation, we'll start producing a sample.
And then, after your confirmation of the sample, we'll proceed correction.
A quotation will be offered to you as soon as the product's specification is decided.
Please confirm the quatation and its contents, please place an order if you can accept.
Mass production
Mass production will be done in our own factory in China.The lead time since ordering until delivery, it takes 60 days to 90 days as a standard.
We'll deliver your product to your designated place in your designated time.

Main products

We can produce suitcase, bussiness bag, casual bag, pouch etc., mainly these kinds what we have experience of production.
For further details, please contact us freely.



Here are summarized typical questions that we had received from our customers through this web site as an FAQ.
If there are any unclear points or if you have any questions; please read the Q&A below for your reference.
If you still have trouble after reading this page, please ask about anything to us directly from “Contact us” page.

Q. How many is your MOQ (minimum order quantity)?
A. We usually accept your order from 300pcs./SKU. However, we are highly flexible so please contact us in any case.
Q. Our company's location is not in Kanto region. Is it still possible to make a face-to-face deal?
A. No problem, our staff will come visit you anywhere in Japan.
Q. How long is the lead time?
A. For the existing model, we will submit a sample in 2 or 3 weeks after the order. For specific models, please contact us. For mass production, it takes 60 to 90 days from the date of order to the shipment date.
Q. I need to know about the payment conditions.
A. Direct dealing at our company office is possible. Depending on your conditions, T/T or L/C is also acceptable.
Q. Is it possible to make products other than bags?
A. Sure. We have cases of producing storage cases or pouches and such. Please feel free to contact us.